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About Face + Body - The Natural Body Store, is THE source for American Hemp and CBD in the Chicago Metro Area


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  • I sell only the 2 most reputable and best US American Grown Hemp CBD Brands, Charlotte's Web and CBDistillery. Both companies grow their proprietary strains naturally, right here in the USA, not China or Europe where most mystery fiber hemp products come from. And both brands combined have an excellent selection of products and options.


  • I will match or beat any deal of Charlotte's Web and CBDistillery either from the companies themselves or any other retailer selling those products. I have a family to support, and do most of my shopping, spending, and living, right in the area. Please Shop Local!


  • Get Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping with any $100 or more purchase, and I ship anywhere in the country and it gets there fast and safe. Just call the shop at 630-262-8050 to place your order, and before 4pm your package will ship same day. No sales tax charged on orders from out of state(IL).


  • You can sample and try any product right in the shop. Customers feel their pain and anxiety disappear right here in the store, all day long, and many times people break down in tears when their pain finally goes away, sometimes for the first time in years.


  • I also sell lots of Hemp Extract CBD for dogs and cats. Customers tell me their pets cancer is gone, tumors are shrinking, dogs want to go on walks again, jump off beds, they're not bothered by storms anymore, etc, and it's usually a stunning 180 degree difference. And the pet product sold here is not some cheaper quality hemp, it's the same highest quality human product just without flavoring, like it should be.


Have questions? Want to know all about Hemp CBD and how it works?

Why should you buy only American Hemp and buy from my shop?

Just stop in anytime during business hours for answers to any questions as I've sold these products to thousands of people and have so many examples and reports of how it works and what it does. Some customers spend lots of time here discussing hemp in great detail.

You'll leave here with a clear understanding of how this miraculous natural plant medicine works in the body, and why scientists now say its the key to almost all human illness and disease. 


About Face + Body - The Natural Body Store.

313 W. State St., Geneva, IL 60134

Store Phone; 630-262-8050

New Store Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10am-5pm      

Closed on Sunday and Monday


Since 2007! Starting our 13th year at 313 W. State St. in historic downtown Geneva, Illinois.

The shop for smart, healthy living. ​​We carry only super natural & highly effective organic based brands that are free of all the toxic chemicals used in conventional products. 

We also carry only the best CBD and Hemp Extract products from the 2 top American hemp brands, Charlotte's Web and CBDistillery. I can answer any questions about how Hemp Extract and CBD works and you can also sample products in store. I don't sell CBD and Hemp Extract on this website so please call the shop at 630-262-8050 to order products for immediate shipment.

Every product is finely made, a pleasure to use, and everything works beautifully. It's all professionally made luxury natural.

If a product has a scent, it's made from only pure essential oils, which are true natural plant distillations. There are no mystery fragrance chemicals in any product.

If you're in the Chicago Metro Area please visit the shop as there are almost 1000 different products in-store.

If you have any questions about any product please call the shop at 630-262-8050 during business hours:

  • Tuesday through Saturday 10am-5pm CST
  • Closed on Sunday and Monday